In 1988 three men from Grandview Christian Church went to The Christianville Foundation Mission in Port au Prince, Haiti: Lionel Lilly, Edsel Redden and Dave Wills. We visited the school of approximately 1200 students. We saw the agricultural potential in the property and the desire of the new Agricultural Minister Paul Ronk for development. At that time they were growing and harvesting fish from a large pond built and stocked by a Canadian humanitarian group. They were harvesting eggs daily from a large chicken coop with caged chickens.  They had hogs and goats to provide milk and meat. That program was organized and developed to become more efficient and productive for the Mission.

Within a couple of years a new work was started in Jeremie, Haiti when Paul Ronk and his family moved there. A church building with a school attached was built. Numerous congregations were started all around the area.

Grandview began a ministry called FISH Ministries which stood for Feeding and Instructing Souls in Haiti. We worked with three missions: Christianville, His Seed Sowers, and Haiti Active Evangelism. All had schools, church plants and outreach programs. We made numerous short-term mission trips to Haiti and continued in our love for the Haitian people. We have helped through political, financial, spiritual challenges as well as an earthquake.

At the current time we no longer oversee FISH Ministries but continue to support His Seed Sowers and Haiti Active Evangelism.  Our most recent project was buying a truck for Haiti Active Evangelism. We continue to plan short-term mission trips to Haiti.